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Why Buy Gold and how a Gold Investment can secure your future

Gold is the ultimate safety asset because it is globally traded, tangible, durable, easily liquid, and finite in supply. It is the purest form of wealth. Gold has outperformed and outlasted every paper currency ever printed. Governments simply cannot manipulate it, and the fed obviously cannot print Gold. Metals have no debts, no board of directors, no derivatives exposure and best of all, absolutely zero counter-party risk. That's why gold has survived every economy in history, and preserved investors' purchase power over a span of over 5000 years. .

Gold IRA Investing, 401k gold investing & gold ira rollover made easy

We make it easy for first time investors to start their gold IRA. Gold investments are no longer limited to bankers, brokers and wealthy individuals. Now, anyone who wants to begin a gold investment portfolio can do so. How? Simply visit On our website, you'll find everything you need to begin your gold and silver investment portfolio in order to start building real wealth you can trust.

When you Buy Gold Coins at United Gold Direct, you will be happy

United Gold Direct offers some of the lowest prices on the Internet for gold and silver coins. With our "A+" National BBB rating, we are one of the most reputable dealers on the web. When you buy gold coins at, you will find that our services exceed your expectations and we offer only the finest in quality products. At United Gold Direct, we take pride in our hassle-free acquisition options and our live experts who can help recommend a portfolio that is right for you. You've worked hard to earn your investment dollars; don't let them go to waste by investing in traditional investments such as stocks/bonds/CD's/mutual funds. Our experts will lend a professional recommendation and help you make sound decisions based on your goals and objectives.

Increase your Gold Investment with a Gold IRA Rollover

Whether you choose to rollover an old 401(k) plan or transfer an existing IRA, or perhaps you just want to have the metals delivered directly to your door; United Gold Direct makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get you started. When you park your assets in a gold IRA you won't be disappointed. Allow United Gold Direct to give you the protection you deserve. Even a small percentage of gold or silver coins in your portfolio is sure way to increase the strength and value of your retirement plan. Acquisitions and liquidations at are solid, safe, and secure.

Gold Investment to preserve your wealth

Whether you are just starting an investment portfolio or updating an existing one that may be underperforming, we know how to preserve your wealth and make your investment position shine. Our experts provide exceptional feedback and information to help you get started into true prosperity and success.

Buy Gold Coins or open a gold IRA and reap the benefits of a diversified investment portfolio

Most investors aren't sure how to invest during this economic crisis. You may have already invested in stocks, bonds, and CDs, but without a gold IRA or physical gold and silver coins in your possession, you can't reap the benefits of a truly diversified investment portfolio. Analysts have discovered that individuals taking 10-20% of their assets to buy gold coins and bars show not only a more efficient safety measure, but also prove to be more profitable than those who choose to not buy tangible assets. Those who depend on "paper" investments reflect the value of the U.S. Dollar and the massive inflationary pressure that derives from it. The U.S. dollar is significantly shrinking in value due to the massive government spending programs causing many investors to flock to physical metals for a safe haven. Historically, Gold and silver maintains its value over time and is a great hedge against inflation, deflation, or stagflation. It is true, that your hard-earned investment dollars go far when you start a gold IRA with United Gold Direct. Choose from our catalog of gold and other precious metals like platinum, silver, and palladium to create a diverse and profitable gold IRA.