Our clients are comprised of individuals, families, and institutional investors interested in preserving wealth and adding the opportunity for growth to their existing portfolio. At United Gold Direct we understand the importance of providing protection for one’s assets, especially in such an uncertain world. From the latest stock market fiascos to the tension in the Middle East, to the ever weakening U.S. dollar, our advisors know the role precious metals should play in every investor’s portfolio. From the beginner investor, to complex family trusts and retirement vehicles, we know which metals in which amounts will allow you to diversify within the world’s ultimate form of wealth helping to preserve and grow your assets for generations to come. UGD’s most gratifying success is the smile on our client’s face when they hold their physical metals in their hands…for the very first time. We understand the impact that the sheer weight, brilliance and satisfaction one derives from holding precious metals. It’s physical, tangible and intrinsic. Paper dollars cannot compare. Become a client of United Gold Direct and experience the delight of owning physical gold and silver for yourself.

Precious metals ownership is for everybody in all walks of life. Not just the ultra-wealthy or the ultra-rich, but for the waitress, the teacher and the policeman. Anyone who has concern for over-government regulation, spending and taxation, should own physical gold and silver. For over 5,000 years, gold has protected humanity from the collapse of ‘fiat’ currencies, (currencies only backed by ‘a promise to pay’ and totally dependent upon government solvency). If you have a retirement account and like many individuals, you can’t afford to lose it because you don’t have time to earn it again…precious metals can help you preserve and grow that wealth. Give us an opportunity to speak with you in-depth and you’ll learn how it works.