401(k) Rollovers

Rolling over a Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA into a precious metals-backed IRA is relatively simple. The term “rollover” actually refers to the rolling over of assets in a 401(k) plan when the employee has separated from his/her employment. As long as the funds are rolled over to another qualified IRA plan within 60 days of your request, there will be zero penalties, and zero tax consequence.

If you are no longer employed through the plan you’re interested in rolling over, you will be eligible to rollover the 401(k) assets into a Gold IRA – Silver IRA – or Precious Metals IRA. If no employment separation has occurred, then chances are very high that the plan holder will be barred from moving the assets out of the employer’s 401(k) plan unless you have vested interest on the assets being held in the plan. There are exceptions to every rule, and a telephone consultation is always a good way to examine what can apply to you.

When it comes to existing IRAs, then the term “transfer” applies. Existing IRAs with banks, credit unions, stock brokerage firms or other financial service providers can be transferred directly to one of our referred trust companies. One very convenient option is to transfer either the cash in the account or the securities themselves. However, this arrangement is not always acceptable to the firm who is transferring your account. Again, for every rule there are exceptions — which are why telephone consultation is highly encouraged. Give us a call and let us help with qualifying your rollover at 1-888-502-3222.