1How do I buy from United Gold Direct?
Buying precious metals is easier than ever with United Gold! We offer gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals at the lowest prices using our secure, hassle-free, real-time online ordering system. Call UGD to speak with a live representative today 888.502.3222.
2Who can buy from United Gold Direct?
Anyone and everyone! Our clients consist of Collectors, Dealers, Banks, Brokerage Houses, Investors and private individuals. Whether you want to purchase large quantities or individual items, we can fulfill all of your needs.
3Do you have a minimum order?
Yes. Our minimum order is $1500.00 per transaction, regardless of payment method. It can be in any combination of items you choose.
4Should I purchase gold, silver, platinum or palladium?
As with any investment, diversification is always important. A good mixture of precious metals will strengthen any portfolio.
5How much should I invest into precious metals?
Most investment professionals recommend 10-20 percent of your assets be in precious metals. Now more than ever it is vital to be diversified in precious metals.
6How do I open an account with United Gold Direct?
Give one of our account representatives a call today at 888.502.3222.
7Can I change my order after my order is confirmed?
Yes, depending on where your order is in the process, it is the discretion of United Gold Direct to enable any changes.
8What products does The United Gold Direct sell?
We offer a variety of precious metals, please see our catalogue on the website. Products to include Bullion, coins, bars, ingots, semi-numismatic, numismatic and rare coins.
9Are there any additional fees to your posted prices?
No, the prices posted are the prices you pay. The only charges United Gold Direct adds are for shipping, handling and insurance.
10Do you have any quantity discounts?
Yes, our prices have already been calculated for high volume wholesale orders. However, United Gold Direct will extend additional discounts when possible on large orders. Please call.
11How long will it take to get my package?
Your United Gold Direct order is processed within 24-48 hours (excluding weekend and holidays) after receipt of wired funds. Orders will be shipped upon verification of cleared funds. Shipments normally are delivered within 10 business days. During unusual market conditions, delivery may take up to 28 business days depending on availability of certain products. All orders will be sent with a tracking number and a signature guarantee