Are you invested in Stocks, Bonds, CD's, Mutual Funds, Money Markets, ETC.? Think you're currently diversified and financially protected? think again... What is the one thing all these investments have in common? No matter how you look at these investment classes on a pie chart, the majority of your investments are 100% backed by the U.S. Dollar. With the U.S. dollar under pressure and our National Budget Deficits at a staggering record high, it's important to be prudent now more than ever. The combination of an unhealthy global economy, and climbing U.S. Federal Debt, puts the U.S. in major jeopardy of hyper-inflation. Today, it seems imminent that inflationary measures are likely to depreciate the value of your paper assets in the long-term; therefore it's now up to you to protect your nest egg.

What economic conditions contribute to a safe and profitable gold IRA?

Negative economic, political, environmental, or monetary conditions contribute to a rising gold price. Over the past 10 years we have seen Gold soar in value due to many factors. Many top experts believe that Gold will reach numbers in the neighborhood of $5,000 per ounce and Silver $300 per ounce due to our current Keynesian economic policies. This is the reason gold has always been referred to as the "crisis and safe haven commodity."

This chart valuation is based on the performance of a UGD fully diversified portfolio. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

The following trends weaken stocks and other paper investments such as the U.S. Dollar and usually cause the price of gold and other precious metals to rise:

  • Trillions of Dollars in National Debt
  • Unethical Government Spending
  • Inflationary Pressure
  • Central Banks Acquiring Gold
  • Recession or Depression
  • Tension in Middle East
  • High Unemployement Rate
  • High Oil and Gas Prices
  • Supply vs. Demand
  • Weakness in the U.S. Dollar
  • Sky Rocketing Budget Deficits
  • Stock and Bond Market Weakness
  • Bank Failures
  • Massive Residential & Commercial Foreclosures
  • Natural Disasters
It's no wonder why investors all around the world over are gravitating to such a stable and profitable vehicle. When it comes to making a certain decision in an uncertain economy, ask yourself one simple question... would you prefer to have an account full of fiat "paper" or an account full of physical "gold" if this crisis continues to dig deeper into a hole?