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Reasons to Buy Precious Metals?

With the unstable economy, $15 TRILLION in National debt, and continued massive government spending, investors are flocking to safety with Gold & Silver. Today, we're dealt with many economic uncertainties which include the U.S. Dollar decline over the past 11 years consecutively, volatile stock markets, a housing bubble, bank failures, and high unemployment rates. Precious metals have proven to offset these negative measures time and time again, and are a critical part of a healthy financial portfolio. Gold is arguably one of the best and safest stores of value on the planet.

Protect Your Assets

Convert your 401(k) or IRA into Gold. Times have definitely changed, and you might find yourself being a little hesitant to invest anywhere these days. Don't rely on some high paying advisor or stock broker to manage your money. Owning Gold & Silver is a great way to safeguard and grow your assets while maintaining full control of your investment. United Gold Direct proudly offers you the financial life-line you've been searching for. We can help build a diverse precious metal portfolio that's right for you!

Diversify Your Portfolio

Precious metals are an ideal diversification for a well balanced portfolio to ensure maximum protection and long term growth.  Nervous investors today are looking to turn the corner and find a sustainable investment solution to save and grow wealth. Traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, CD's, mutual funds, and IRA's diversified in paper-denominated investments are no longer the strong-suit. Back by popular demand, an IRA into Gold is once again proving to outperform virtually every investment class in the marketplace. Why? Let's look at the big picture, 'Dollars are printed and Gold is minted'. Ask yourself, which asset would you prefer to hold when our government continues to print U.S. dollars out of thin air?