How To Buy a Gold IRA

Buying a gold IRA is much like opening a traditional or Roth IRA in that you place an order and transfer money for the purchase of a commodity and its ownership transfers to you. There is inherent risk involved with a gold IRA, as there is with any investment, but the fact that the investment is in a physical asset with high, and rising, value reduces the risk to the buyer.

Real Estate has long been seen as a viable investment, but its value is more volatile and subject to government dictate than that of gold. Publicly traded stocks are the basis of many trading floors and the investment industry as a whole depends on them, but their value fluctuates with the faith of the public in the company who owns and is selling the stock. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are growing in popularity as “safe” investments to add to your portfolio.

In making any investment, it is wise to seek the counsel of a professional, a financial advisor, or one who is well versed in the market and how it works. Diversifying your portfolio to include stocks, bonds, and physical assets is a good way to insure against a great deal of loss overall. A financial planner or advisor can help you weigh your level of tolerable risk with the right investments. Letting them know that you want to include gold in your investments will give them a good idea of the direction you are headed.

Gold can be purchased much the same way as the other pieces of your portfolio, but in place of a stock certificate, or bond, you would receive physical gold coin or bullion, depending on what you purchased. Call the broker or dealer of gold that you select, like United Gold Direct. They will help you select the precious metals, whether gold bullion or coins, or another metal, and assist you in the procedure to fund your account. Then the gold will be “yours”. One option is to have the physical gold transferred to a security center like the one at United Gold Direct and held for you there as part of your gold IRA. Otherwise, the gold can be delivered to you for storage as you see fit. United Gold Direct does recommend storing your gold in a secure location, either in a bank’s Safe Deposit box, or in a safe at home, just for security, the same way you would care for a stock certificate.

Diversification and balance of investments over time is the healthiest way to grow your wealth. The experts at United Gold Direct can assist you in making a decision as to the percentage of gold and other precious metals to include in your IRA.