Gold IRA

A gold IRA isn’t something new. In today’s unpredictable economic climate, it is generally accepted that having 10-20 percent of one’s Individual Retirement Account in gold is prudent.

Traditionally, IRAs consisted of stocks, money markets, bonds, CDs, mutual funds and the like. They all have one thing in common; they are all backed, one way or another, by the U.S. dollar. With the national budget deficit at an unbelievable high, our bond rating in decline and the general state of financial affairs both here and abroad, those traditional paper assets feel uncomfortable at best when considering your financial future.

During this period of financial insecurity in the traditional markets, gold has gained in value at a most favorable rate. In the past decade alone it has risen nearly 400 percent.

As of this writing, $2,000 per Troy ounce seems likely. Some experts, sensing the vulnerabilities of other investments, see $5,000 per Troy ounce as inevitable within the next few years. Clearly, then, a partial gold IRA is a logical choice, if not a must.

United Gold Direct is the dealer of choice for many investors, and for good reason(s). While others may be visiting the local links, its business as usual at United Gold Direct; they’re available 24-7 to assist you with your gold IRA and several other services. In a sense, that sets the tone for the company.

Their management team, which consists of key people from within each disciplines needed for a precious metals dealership, operate under this seemingly subtle mission statement: “United Gold Direct is passionately committed to building relationships that build value for our clients.” In action this philosophy is a bold commitment to a growing clientele.

While a gold IRA may be your first choice, it’s good to know that United Gold Direct also has two-way markets in silver, platinum and palladium, as well as gold, silver and platinum coins from the United State mint and those of other nations, including Canada and South Africa. You can have a diverse, balanced portfolio and still work with the same dealer, United Gold Direct. The value of the other precious metals United Gold Direct deals in are climbing, too, and $300 per ounce for silver seems in to be in the offering.

Because United Gold Direct is a wholesaler — they buy from mints and other major sources — you pay wholesale prices. There is no retailer. And a key factor in United Gold’s ability to meet and beat their mission statement’s goal is the management team’s experience in getting the most bang from every buck in a client’s gold IRA.

If gold isn’t part of your IRA, now is not too late. That $5,000 per Troy ounce (as world paper currency values decline) prediction, by the end of 2013, seems more likely than ever. A gold IRA may well be your best chance for a comfortable retirement.