How To Invest In Gold

The trick to knowing how to invest in gold is to know that you can handle the risk. The clich as good as gold suggests that gold is something of a sure thing when it comes to investments. But, while gold and other physical assets remain a solid investment choice, when it comes to investing theres no such thing as a sure thing.

Part of your gold allocation should be in real, physical gold that is in your possession. You can purchase gold coins or bullion from precious metal dealers. Obviously, you will need to give good thought to where and how you will store your gold and protect it from theft or loss. An important part of knowing how to invest in gold is knowing where to purchase and where to store your gold.

You can also consider buyingan ETF, or an exchange traded fund, a portfolio of stocks or bonds that are traded like regular stocks, that attempt to track the spot (or buying/selling) price of gold. You can purchase these ETFs (such as GLD) like any other stock through your brokerage account.

A good option is to trust those who know how to invest in gold and make their living in this practice day in and day out. You can consider creating an account with a company likeUnited Gold Direct. United Gold Direct allows you to purchase gold with cash (wire transfer is common and accepted) and keep your account balance in gold, stored at our Security Center. You can also have the gold or silver shipped directly to your door, which will allow you immediate accessibility to your precious metal. We do suggest that you keep the asset under lock and key, rather than as coin or bullion in a closet, etc.

Speculating on the price of gold can be as risky as can any other form of investment. Instead of using gold as a move-in, move-out investment, use it as a hedge against inflation, insurance if you will, and a way to gain additional diversification in your investment portfolio. The beautiful thing about gold is that it is very hard to manipulate its price, especially over time. Stocks, bonds, and evencurrenciescan be manipulated by political powers through monetary policy and government action. Gold will keep its value through a wide range of economic scenarios which is one reason it is so appealing during an economic downturn such as the one we are currently enduring. As such, it can be held in order to insure against risks to your other assets.

Now, just like you should not put all your eggs in one basket for a specific stock, you should not be betting the farm on an increase in the price of gold either. Liquidating all of your assets and buying gold would be a little extreme. Instead, insure your assets and your purchasing power by allocating a percentage of your assets in precious metals such as gold. Most experts recommend allocating somewhere in the range of 10%-30% of your assets. Consult with your financial advisor and tell them you would like to work with United Gold Direct to add to the diversification and balance of your portfolio.