Private Gold

Newly-minted private gold is very rare. Today most gold coins, bars and bullion are produced by governments. The history of private gold is a little cloudy, but it probably followed closely on the heels of the first recorded gold coinage, produced during the time of King Midas in Lydia between 643 and 630 BC. Finding one of the original gold coins from that time is nearly impossible. But investing in private gold is easy when you use United Gold Direct.

Banks and gold refiners often made their own private gold coins early in the last century, often as an advertisement of sorts. But gold is a bit too expensive for that today, and cost is based, in part, on availability. It has been estimated that all the gold ever mined would fit in a 66-yard cube. Fortunately, gold doesn’t rust, is easy to melt and work, and has many uses. So, it gets used over and over. Though obviously unlikely, a portion of the ring on your finger could have been worn by royalty hundreds or even thousands of years ago!

Gold is growing in value as this is being read, and “private” in front of it kicks the price up a notch or two, adding to the fun and interest factor.

Gold, including private gold, grew about 400 per cent during the last decade. United Gold Direct is a wholesaler. They buy from mints and other sources and since there is no retailer so you can get wholesale gold prices.

The wholesale gold market is packed with companies, large and small, new and old, seeking your investment dollars. United Gold Direct is headed by a group of some of the best investment minds in the world. Each was picked for the same reason, that they could help your investments grow at a faster rate than the market. And that’s how everyone at United Gold Direct treats your investment dollars.

Private gold is is generally applied to gold minted before 1933, certified coins and numismatics. Their value normally exceeds the COMEX spot gold price. While now about twice that, a popular private gold coin, Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, have traded for four and even five time the spot price.

Just given these few facts, private gold seems like a smart investment, a noteworthy upgrade from bullion, for example. You can learn a great deal more about private gold by studying United Gold Direct’s web site, which also includes other sources of information.

If past performances are any indicator, now is an excellent time to move some of your assets into private gold. If gold prices hit some of the prices forecast, you can expect to see private gold at even higher rates. Private gold offers a solid chance for exciting profits.