Silver Investment

United Gold Direct’s mission statement or business philosophy sets a tone that permeates throughout the company: “United Gold Direct is passionately committed to building relationships that build value for our clients”. Don’t let the name deter you; besides gold, United Gold Direct can also assist you with any silver investment as well. A key in the statement above is the word “relationship” because both parties should understand the other’s needs, desires and abilities. When you ask a United Gold Direct account representative about silver investments, expect them to ask lots of questions in return.

The diversity that United Gold Direct obtains within the realm of any precious metal market, not only gold and silver investments, is impressive. They carry all U.S. Mint bullion products, as well as the Mint’s gold, silver and platinum American Eagle coins and similar coinage in Maple Leafs from the Canadian Mint. Most foreign counties have gold bullion coin markets including the South African Krugerrands. It’s easy to understand how United Gold Direct can fill your portfolio with the suggested 10-20 percent of your investments.

When you think of silver investments, think for a moment what the money you are investing represents. Money is the product of work. Whether mental or physical, it is work. We say we are investing money, but in truth, we invest work. And you can stretch those dollars – that work – by partnering with a United Gold Direct account representative. Because they buy from mints and other sources there is no retailer; you get true wholesale silver prices.

The precious metals market is packed with companies, large and small, new and old, seeking your silver investment dollars. United Gold Direct, with over 25 years of diversified experience, is headed by a group of some of the best investment minds in the world. Although they are from different disciplines within the precious metals industry, each was picked for the same reason; they have proven that they can help client investments grow faster than the market rate. And that’s how everyone at United Gold Direct will treat your silver investment.

Some people shy away from silver investments and it seems that gold gets all of the attention. But the old saying about putting all your eggs in one basket has merit here. Another way of looking at it is that if you had a pile of gold valued at $1,000,000, and a pile of silver worth $1,000,000, which is worth more? Obviously, they are worth the same but if the price of gold drops to $1,000 an ounce and silver’s price stays the same, which would rather have, the gold that is worth much less now or the silver that is still worth $1,000,000?

Every silver investment primer should note that gold and silver (and other precious metals) all have their own markets and different factors that affect their values. Like all United Gold Direct clients, silver investment customers often balance their investment with other metals.