United Gold Direct – Group Investments

One recommended way to diversify your portfolio of investments is to buy United gold. Group together gold, silver, and other precious metals like platinum and palladium that are permitted in an IRA, with your stock and bond investments and you can create a diverse, balanced portfolio. The purity of the gold must be certified to be 99.5% pure or higher to be permitted by the US Government to be used in an investment vehicle like an IRA. American Gold Eagle coins fit securely into this range. One good way to gain diversification is to have your gold in an IRA that is united. Gold group investors are some of the most solidly invested people. They understand the stability that gold offers against a negative economic environment and unsteady market fluctuations. That is why they come to see us at United.

Gold group investments are generally bullion or coins. The American Gold Eagle coin is one that is commonly used. Others are the Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonics, Australian Nugget/Kangaroo, and the U.S. Buffalo Uncirculated version, all of which are at least 99.5% pure and are accredited and stamped by a Comex/Nymex approved assayer.

Investors will not all be like-minded and in their reasoning for investing be united. Gold group investors, however, all realize the wisdom of having a stable precious metal as part of their portfolio. Using gold as part of your investments, you build protection against the erratic fluctuations in the market and economy. In this, at least, they are united.

Gold group elements include coins of at least 99.5% purity and bullion. Coins indicate the item is intended for circulation as currency, and those “coin-like” pieces that are not to be entered into the market, including proofs, are referred to as bullion.

The institution of the gold standard was meant to stabilize national economies, dictating that a nation must limit the currency it issued to the value of gold it held in reserve. In 1821, Great Britain was the first in Europe to adopt the gold standard followed in the 1870s, by other countries which were with Great Britain united. Gold group advocates maintained the system until the end of the WWI, since which the US has been the only country still upholding the Gold Standard. After WWI, nations were allowed to hold stores of major currencies instead of gold. The arrival of the great depression in the 1930s marked the end of the export from the U.S. By the mid 20th century, the US dollar had become the standard for international trade, replacing gold.

Modern investors are seeing the return of the gold standard and the sentiment is once again leaning toward like- thinking and being united. Gold group traders are gaining prominence as more and more are buying physical gold to add to their portfolios of stocks and bonds. Purchasing from United Gold Direct is an excellent choice to show you are united…Gold group members will welcome you.