United Gold Direct

United Gold Direct is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week wholesale gold company that takes their work seriously. The United Gold Direct senior management team, for example, consists of industry leaders in virtually every industry discipline. Their successes, and you are invited to be one of them, are impressive to say the least.

The United Gold Direct business philosophy sets the tone and permeates throughout the company: “United Gold Direct is passionately committed to building relationships that build value for our clients.” Relationships are key in this industry because, like any successful relationship, each party of the relationship should understand the each others’ needs, desires and abilities.

Today’s wholesale gold market is overflowing with companies, large and small, new and old, seeking your investment dollars. Is United Gold Direct that different? UGD passed the quarter century mark many months ago. It is headed by a group of some of the best investment minds in the world. Each was picked primarily for the same reason, his or her ability to use the areas of their disciplines to help your investments grow. That’s the primary action noted in the corporate philosophy, too, and that’s how everyone at United Gold Direct treats your investment dollars.

Current events suggest that 10-20 percent of your portfolio should be in the four precious metals most likely to build your investments in a reasonably stable market. United Gold Direct managers have two-way markets in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Each one of them has a strong market. Their availability is coupled with need; one or more of these precious metals is vital to almost all segments of industry. For example, the catalytic converters in automobiles have platinum and palladium at their core. Even though a certain amount of each is recovered by recycling, the need for more of these metals continues to grow.

The diversity that United Gold Direct obtains within the realm of these four precious metals alone is impressive. They carry all U.S. Mint bullion products, as well as the Mint’s gold, silver and platinum American Eagle coins, and similar coinage in Maple Leafs from the Canadian Mint. They also have gold bullion coin markets in most foreign counties, including the South African Krugerrands.

Real estate, stocks and bonds have long been the mainstay of the investment market, but recent events have brought their weaknesses to the fore, and precious metals are garnering the most attention.

Currently, the most attention in precious metals has been in gold. Virtually no other investment has outperformed gold in the last ten years. The other precious metals have posted similar advances. This, then, is United Gold Direct, a company seemingly designed just for today’s economic climate.