Gold Coin Investing

Gold has been the underpinning of every successful empire, government and economy for the last 6,000 years. In the last century that has changed with a move to paper currency which is not backed by gold or any other precious metal.

Governments just print more money and this irresponsibility has flooded the world with it and brought about periods of widespread inflation. Trust in our paper money is eroding but smart investors are returning to the investment that has floated economies for thousands of years – gold.

Gold has never lost its value and many look to it as a sanctuary first and an investment second. Let’s take this a step further. Investing in gold coins is better than investing in gold bullion for a number of reasons. A gold coin is backed by a government and not by a refiner or reseller. It is easier to sell or acquire at competitive prices. In addition to the value of a coin based on its weight according to the daily spot price of Gold, there is the numismatic collectors price based on its rarity, condition and circumstances that a collector would be willing to pay.

Rare gold coins offer the investor the best type of gold investment for a number of reasons. United States rare coins minted before 1933 provide an advantage to investors due to their limited supply. They are in constant demand by those investing in the rare gold coin market. Gold coins minted prior to 1933 are classified as numismatic coins and are not subject to confiscation by the government.

A precious metal bull market fuels the demand for rare gold coins and may double or triple their price yet they are much less speculative than the daily fluctuations of gold bullion.

Trading in rare gold coins presents the investor with a safe haven in times of crisis and presents a high collectors upside potential while being free from government interference.

Gold coins are easy to buy and sell and provide a higher return on investment than gold bullion or any other type of investment. Old gold coins are a uncompromising addition to any investors portfolio because of their limited availability, beauty, enjoyment and the historical significance they express.