Buy Gold Coins

Buy gold coins from United Gold Direct whether it is for preservation of wealth, profit or privacy and protection. Their account executives are passionately committed in building relationships that build value for their clients. Allow them to introduce you to the one investment that has outperformed virtually every other investment available over the past 10 years. When you boy gold coins it seems like a passive investment. You buy it and your hold it. It doesn’t pay income or interest. Yet stability and safety are gold’s greatest advantages. Buy gold coins for the insurance part of any investment of any investment portfolio, because whatever “disaster” may happen, gold will always maintain value and be worth something. Buy gold coins as a hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, and social or currency based crisis because of all the precious metals gold is the most popular as an investment. When you buy gold coins it is the most popular way of holding gold. Typically gold coins are priced accordingly to their weight, plus a premium above the gold spot price. You can also buy gold coins to put in an IRA backed by precious metals. At United Gold Direct they will guide you on how to make a lateral transition from your IRA or 401k into an IRA backed by gold and or silver. In most cases there are no tax consequences or penalties in order to complete this type of transaction. When you go to buy gold coins it is generally safer than buying bars due to the fact that minted government coins are guaranteed by the government that issued the coin, versus wondering if the bar is real and the weight is accurate. Buy gold coins from a dealer that you can trust and due diligence on that company you choose. United Gold Direct has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and has an impeccable reputation among the gold industry. When you buy gold coins you should not think of it as a get rich quick scheme but as an asset protection to preserve your wealth. United Gold Direct recommends that you hold it for at least 3 to 5 years in order to offset any market conditions. If you are uncertain of our economic times and are not happy of what your portfolio is doing you may want to call United Gold Direct and buy gold coins at 888 502.3222.

How to Buy and Sell Gold Coins

I’m often asked how to buy and sell gold coins. It’s not a precise science and not all gold is created equal. More often than not, most people in the investment and speculator market need to learn how to buy and sell gold coins from an expert. Precious metals dealers like United Gold Direct, do just that.

What do I mean by not all gold is created equal? Few people understand the subtle differences between; numismatic gold, semi-numismatic, bullion gold, proof gold, raw gold, etc. As a potential investor, it’s very important to understand these differences as the choices you make will have varying effects on the gold portfolio you build. The precious metal portfolio managers at United Gold Direct understand these subtle differences and provide you guidance in building the right portfolio to meet your needs and objectives.

When it comes to; how to buy and sell gold coins, one must rely on an expert. For example, numismatic coins are often referred to as “pre-1933” referencing their inability to be subject to the confiscation act of 1933. These coins are the most sought after for collectors for both their intrinsic and gold value. As almost antiques, they simply can only be found in very limited quantities. The laws of “supply and demand” dictate the pricing and investment value of these types of coins. However, to be truly numismatic, these coins are generally ‘graded’ by one of the two nationally recognized grading agencies. Once graded, these coins are ‘scabbed’ or encased in hard plastic cases, hermetically sealed, to prevent tampering or a loss of value. These slabbed coins almost always bring higher values as their authencity and quality is not questioned.

The term “semi-numismatic” generally refers to older coins that are not graded and slabbed by one of the two grading agencies, but carry a value of at least 15% over face value, again driven by the laws of supply and demand. To understand these subtle differences is the beginning of understanding as to how to buy and sell gold coins.

Bullion coins come in a variety of types, minted from various countries around the world Bullion generally refers to the gold value as defined by weight, however some of these coins may actually be legal tender where other coins are simply a precious metal version of a medallion. Before you can learn how to buy and sell gold coins, you must understand exactly what you are considering or viewing. Are you holding in your hand, currency or are you holding its weight in metal? The differences need to be clear. Rely on an expert, like those at United Gold Direct to help you through this process. Never settle for less. As with all investments, purchasing gold may have some perceived risk. Go the experts who can mitigate that risk for you. Go to United Gold Direct.