Buy Gold Direct: Two Kinds of Gold Value

Your knowledge on how to buy gold must not end with learning about the current prices of gold in the market. First, you must know about the value of your gold. Afterwards, you must discover the different options you have when you have decided to buy gold direct from sellers.

Collector’s Value

Gold coins and bars have different values, depending on what type of gold it is. Collectors typically divide the types of gold into numismatic coin, semi-numismatic coin, bullion gold bar, and gold bullion coin. These types of gold are often graded according to their respective collector’s values. The collector’s value is being graded based on the quality, including the purity, of the gold item, then the gold examiner seals in the gold in plastic casing. Afterwards, the gold grade, termed mint standard, is being labelled on the plastic casing. Mint standards are named as MS 68, MS 69. The highest mint standard is MS70.

To learn more about the mint standard of your gold, you can simply visit official gold sellers’ websites which often contain assessment tools for determining the right gold grade. In case you have discovered that the gold you have in hand is numismatic, make sure you spend more time to find the best valuation from different gold buyers since numismatic gold has very high collector’s value.

Spot Value

Other than the mint standard or the collector’s value, you also need to identify the spot value, or the real value of your gold. The spot value of gold depends on the amount of gold present in each item, say a jewellery, a coin or a bar. Particularly, scrap gold needs to be further assessed in terms of its spot value rather than its collector’s value, because it is seldom categorized as a numismatic gold. To find out the current spot value before you buy gold, use a scrap gold calculator from different websites online.

What are Your Options?

For you to be able to buy gold direct from the seller and get the most out of it, you need to learn more about your options in terms of the best gold selling companies out there. One of the options you have is to look for an official gold buying company. Companies that are in the gold selling industry offer gold prices the closest to the real value of gold.
Then, you can also choose to buy gold directly from gold seling parties in the Internet. The gold sellers on the Web often compete by offering the highest price possible for gold, so the Internet is becoming a fast growing market where gold and other important minerals are bought and sold.