Buy Gold IRA with Pre-1933 Coins and Scrap Gold

Ever wondered why gold investors aim to get pre-1933 US gold coins and scrap gold on their hands? Here are some reasons why investors like to invest in pre-1933 gold coins.

First, pre-1933 US gold coins continuously soar higher in terms of value. The rule of thumb in gold buying is that the longer time that the gold coins have been maintained into their most excellent condition, the larger their value gets. So, when you buy gold IRA account, purchasing pre-1933 US gold coins is one of the best options you have.

Second, Pre-1933 US gold coins are excluded in the so-called “compelling away” laws. Thanks to Head Franklin Roosevelt, Regime the Gold Reserve Act in 1934 and the Buy 6102 passed bills has been long evaded by pre-1933 US gold coins.

Third, Pre-1933 US gold coins are rare, but worth looking for. In 1933, there were about 450,000 Saint-Gaudens Dual Eagles gold coins minted. Because there are many gold investors aiming for these coins, the almost half a million gold coins might have already been sold, yet there’s no need to worry because they are meant to undergo the “buy-and-sell” market, so in the end, you can surely get your hands on a pre-1933 US gold coin.

Aside from pre-1933 US gold coins, another option you have is selling your scrap gold. While scrap gold is usually not accepted as an IRA investment, you can benefit from your scrap gold by selling it and then using the money you earn to purchase IRA-accepted gold coins.

Finding the Right Buyer

Do you have any scrap gold to sell? Perhaps you have watches, accessories, broken chains other old gold jewelleries that you want to sell since you don’t have any use of them anymore. Well, there are four kinds of gold investors you should consider, namely: individual or group jewellers, pawnshops, gold parties and online companies. Among these four, pawnshops and online gold buying companies are the most preferred options.

With pawnshops, you sell your scrap gold in a reasonable and fair enough price. These gold investors would indicate a price for each gold piece that you sell. When dealing with pawnshops, one thing’s for sure- be ready to be given an offer of the lowest possible price for your gold.

On the other hand, online gold buying companies compete in their price offers so that they get the most number of high-quality scrap gold. Transacting with these kinds of gold investors is very convenient and fast, but you need extra effort in keeping up safety and security issues, especially regarding payments.