Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

Buy American Gold Eagle

Buy Gold American Eagles in order to hedge inflation and protect your assets. Gold American Eagles are struck bearing a modified version of a design by Augustus St. Gaudens which graced the old $20 U.S. gold coins issued from 1907 to 1933.

You can buy the ounce size American Gold Eagle today for roughly $1,298 per coin. This coin is very close in size to the older $20 coin, but was arbitrarily assigned a nominal face value of $50. Logically, the tenth-ounce version has a $5 face value and the half-ounce a $25 value.

But, following the lead of the Royal Canadian Mint in dismissing with any common sense in assigning legal tender valuations to gold bullion coins, the Mint slapped a $10 face value to the quarter-ounce Eagle.

The United States Mint first released the beautiful American Gold Eagle Coin in 1986 to buy. The obverse or front side of the coin has an image of Lady Liberty holding a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. The obverse side of the coin also bears the inscription “Liberty” and contains both the date of issue and the individual mint mark of origin. The reverse side of the coin bears the image of a male bald eagle carrying an olive branch, flying towards his mate in a nest with their hatchlings. These coins are very popular due to the fact they come in different denominations which are one tenth ounce, a quarter ounce, a half ounce, and one full ounce. All American Gold Eagle bullion coins are 22 karat (or .9167 fine) gold. The American Eagle Gold Coin is a great coin is a coin to get started in investing in Gold and it is one of the most popular coins to buy. has great pricing on buying American Eagle Gold Coins and is extremely competitive with other online companies.

Buy Gold American Eagles from the U.S. Mint, but you may only be able to acquire a few coins per person. At United Gold Direct, our minimum is your minimum and the quantity is limitless. The most popular gold bullion coin in this country and now make up over 80% of the U.S. physical gold bullion market. This bullion product has been a tremendous success for the U.S. Mint.

Gold Eagle (United States) Edge: Reeded Composition: 91.67% Au 3% Ag 5.33% Cu Years of Minting: