Gold American Eagles

Buying gold bullion coins has become more popular in recent years due to economic times. Like any investments and commodities, the price of gold is ultimately driven by supply and demand. Central banks and the International Monetary Fund play an important role in determining gold prices. Buying gold bullion coins is a popular way of holding gold. Typically gold bullion coins are priced according to their weight plus a premium above the gold spot price (spot price is the standardized futures contracts closest to maturity (next months delivery) on the close of that day (paper index of gold coming out of the ground). When buying gold bullion coins dealer or wholesalers usually quotes the current spot price and manufacturing costs, supply and demand, premiums and may also include shipping and insurance and sales charges. United Gold Direct can assist you in buying gold bullion coins. They specialize in the physical delivery of the tangible assets; basically they transition your currency into gold. Buying gold bullion coins are also used for rolling over IRA’s and 401k’s retirements into IRA’s backed by gold and silver. United Gold Direct will also assist you with transitions your retirement into a gold backed IRA. In most cases it is just a lateral transition from one retirement vehicle into another and usually done without any tax consequence or any penalties. If you are investing in stocks, bonds, CD’s, mutual funds, money markets etc., do you think that you are diversified? Think again, the one thing all of these investments have in common is that the majority of these investments are 100% backed by the US dollar. With the dollar under pressure, what steps have you taken to protect your portfolio and your future. Gold is one investment that has outperformed virtually every other investment available over the last 10 years. Buying gold bullion coins will help build a stable foundation in your portfolio. Smart money investors have been buying gold bullion coins and transitioning into precious metals yesterday, not today or tomorrow so the questions to you is why didn’t you do this last year. Buying gold bullion coins are easy at United Gold Direct, just call them at 888 502.3222 and speak with an account executive and they will walk you through the transition into gold. You can also contact them on their website at