Gold Investment Coins

Gold Investment Coins

Investment Grade Gold Coins or older and rare coins are bought not solely for their precious metal content but also for their rarity and their historical, aesthetic appeal commonly known as Numismatic Gold. They are leveraged to the gold price which means that the price of these coins will generally surpass and increase faster than the gold price in a bull market (due to their historical and aesthetic value and to their rarity) and will decrease by more when gold is in a bear market.

The British Gold Sovereign (originally the one pound coin) is the most widely traded investment gold coins in the world. Important is the fact that, unlike the other forms of gold investment coins, British gold sovereigns are not subject to capital gains tax (CGT). Thus all post-1837 British gold sovereigns – because they are legal tender and have a legal tender face value – are capital gains tax free, which is obviously a significant benefit to investors vis-à-vis other gold investments.

Commonly owned metals are high-quality pre-1933 investment gold coins graded MS-63 or better by either the Professional Coin Grading Service or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. They are bought by both collectors and investors and most opt to take possession of these older coins unless they have invested in significant quantities. You can view a catalog of all bullion and investment gold and silver coins at – United Gold Direct, a leading precious metals provider in buying and selling physical Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

Insured delivery of bullion and investment grade gold coins is usually some 5%-20% of the total value. Insured storage of bullion and numismatic coins in an allocated account will cost some 1% per annum. Investors should choose their storage provider carefully, making sure of a high credit rating and high net worth. This leads some to prefer an offshore bank or specialist depository.

Holding investment gold coins in a portfolio can provide distinct benefits in the form of speculative gains, investment gains, hedging against macroeconomic and geopolitical risk and or wealth preservation. Traditional asset allocation theory, as represented by the investment pyramid, advocates higher risk speculations at the top, with lower risk assets at the bottom. Commodity futures contracts, options and exploration junior mining companies should be placed at the top of the pyramid, while cash equivalents and fully allocated or taken delivery of physical gold investment coins should form the foundation or base.

Experienced and prudent investors have long known that gold and gold related investments can be beneficial investment choices. Gold is tangible and provides stability in times of global geopolitical instability and when there is economic uncertainty, recessions and depressions. It is important that investors look at their portfolios and use gold as a hedge against those counter-acting uncertainties. Used correctly, gold can act similar to an insurance policy for ones portfolio and it’s critical for diversification.

Gold Ira Investments

Buy Gold to Protect Your IRA

Regardless of who is leading the country, its clear the fundamentals in the United States are weakening. With the U.S. Government spending taxpayer dollars (as if money grows on trees), It’s no wonder the value of the dollar is dropping faster each day. What about the value of your retirement portfolio, real estate holdings, or even your regular savings? How can you protect your assets during these difficult times?

At United Gold Direct, we have developed a hand crafted team of the finest Precious Metals Asset Managers to help diversify a portion of your portfolio in physical Gold within your IRA Investments. An IRA Investment precious metals portfolio offers you a “Safe Store of Value” to help recession-proof your investment strategy. Take control of an opportunity into precious metals that can offer you privacy, preservation, inflation hedge, growth & peace of mind with a metal that has over a 5,000 year track record.

Gold IRA Strategy:

With Gold tracking more than 25% annually over the past 9 years, investors have an eye for protecting their IRA investments accounts into Gold.

Not many individuals are suitable and able to become active investors. And the majority of individuals prefer to position their selves as defensive investors. They are the type of investors who invest with the capital and eliminate all sorts of inconvenience in managing investments. Especially in the global economy, where inflation is high in almost all countries in the world, the money invested through the stock portfolio can be very risky because the current economic instability. No one can predict what may happen in the market in the future.

Gold IRA investments are an interesting alternative investment by putting a Gold IRA into your retirement portfolio. If you want the most investment flexibility and maximum insurance on your account, you can choose 401K gold in your IRA pension plans. Gold Coins backing your IRA Gold 401K and it can be added to your retirement strategy in just a few easy steps. Once your account is setup, your metals are shipped to your depository; the shipment will be opened to inspect the contents. After inspection, the contents will be deposited as follow:

Your gold is repackaged after verification and stored separately. This ensures you will receive the exact material as was deposited when you decide to sell, exchange, or take an in-kind distribution (take personal possession of the material) of your gold.