Precious Metals Prices

Precious metals prices vary from one company to another. United Gold Direct has very competitive precious metal prices. With the stock market so volatile, many investors are turning to a tangible investment: precious metals. Precious metal prices are determined by many factors which include type of metal, supply and demand and intrinsic value. Precious metal prices are quoted in Troy Ounces and Grams. Unlike shares of government bonds or shares of a company, gold will always retain value. Gold is a store of value virtually independent of economic conditions. Gold can protect against both deflation and inflation. Investors have realized over 300% returns on Investment Grade Gold in the last decade. Precious metals prices in investment grade gold coin prices can significantly outperform gold bullion like the American Eagles. Investment grade gold tends to deliver greater returns when gold prices are high. A well balanced portfolio should include rare coins as well as bullion. Precious metal prices today should not detour anyone from taking a position. Many analysts and economist believe the price of gold and other precious metals to continue to rise with the uncertainty in the market place. Many believe that when gold hits main street the price will skyrocket so precious metal prices today will be irrelevant. We believe most investors today have not experienced inflation, and most have very little inflation protection in their portfolios. We also think the biggest risk will be stagflations and again most portfolios have very little protection. United Gold Direct has representatives that can help you build a well diversified portfolio that will dollar cost average your initial purchase or help you add to your existing portfolio to maximize you profit potential. If you feel the price of Gold is too high today then get some silver. We at United Gold Direct believe that at this point and time it is foolhardy not to have precious metals in your portfolio.

Buying Precious Metals

Buying precious metals at United Gold Direct is a very simple transaction. It is an exchange of currency. Gold and Silver are both money. Buying precious metals is as easy as one, two, three. First step is to contact a knowledgeable representative at United Gold Direct regarding buying precious metals. Let the professionals at United Gold Direct help you decide what types of metals you are looking for in your portfolio and then decide on the amount you are looking to purchase. To finalize the transaction you can either send a cashiers check, money order or simply perform a bank wire.

When buying precious metals you need to know the different types of metals to purchase. The precious metals available are numismatic which have the highest profit potential and bullion. Bullion consists of bars, ingots, and coins which can be from United States or any other gold producing nation. Numismatic or semi numismatics available only in coin form and most are dated Pre-1933. They hold intrinsic value and are not confiscatable.

Buying precious metals 163 is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Many experts believe buying precious metals is a hedge against inflation. Buying precious metals may help insure and protect the assets you have in your portfolio. Gold has been used as a store of value for at least 5000 years. When buying precious metals please note that prices are measured and quoted in Troy ounces and Grams. When buying precious metals do not think of it as a get rich quick scheme or a way to make quick money and do not try to time the market. The percentage of your total wealth devoted to precious metals is definitely a personal choice and decision. It will depend on your particular situation. When buying precious metals don’t worry about selling when that time comes, as Gold and Silver are recognized and valued everywhere in the world.