What to Buy: Buillion or Proof Gold Eagles?

Wanting to buy an American Eagle but is confused on what to purchase? Having trouble deciding whether to buy the bullion or proof version? Or are you wondering what the difference between these two versions are? What’s the big buzz as to what version is better? To tell you the truth, you’re not the only one in distress. More and more prospect coin buyers speculate which version they should purchase, whether the proof gold Eagles or the bullion coins.

Well, the answer usually lies as to what your reasons are for wanting to buy such coins. Are you investor looking for new ways to put your money on and assume a profit from it in the future? Or are you a passionate collector looking for pieces to add to your wonderful collection?

Yes, all American Eagles are the same, with regards to its size and composition. They are all made up of 91.67% purity or 22 karat. However, the difference between the two varieties, the bullion and the proof, lies in their value.

American Eagle gold proof coin sets are a special collector’s edition coins. These have been produced in limited quantities, and were not available for the public circulation at the time it was produced. These are struck at a higher-quality standard, given specific care and techniques to maintain and preserve its beauty. They also come pre-packaged in a protective case, which is blue velvet and satin lined. Proof gold eagles are sold by and come directly from the US Mint. These are shipped with a certificate of authenticity, to assure its genuineness. So if your passion is on the collection of beautiful, precious coins that have an opportunity to increase its value not just for its gold content but for its collectability, go and buy yourself some proof gold Eagles.

However, if your sole purpose is to capitalize on the rising price of gold thinking that it could be sold and can be profited, the bullion version is for you. This version’s value is determined mainly by the current market price of gold at the time it is sold and purchased, not by the age of the coin or its rarity. Unlike the proof version, the US Mint does not sell this type of American Eagle coins, does not come in a protective case, and has no certificate of authenticity. Therefore, to guarantee genuineness, you have to buy only in authorized dealers.